Vision & Mission

ALUBAF visualizes to provide effective solution to all international banking services and its products and services broadly comprise of Treasury, Trade finance and Loans.

Our Vision

  • ALUBAF aims to restart a "bright era of prosperity" and restore its position in the modern banking system as the largest and modern bank.
  • With its strong shareholder base, ALUBAF, will act as "Modern gate" for paving way to all international banking services and solutions.
  • ALUBAF Arab International Bank visualizes to be a premier wholesale bank in providing competitive and effective banking solutions to its clients

Our Mission

  • To provide effective banking solutions and bridge the gap between MENA and Far East.
  • To be a premier provider of Trade finance to its clientele.
  • To maintain the highest international standards of corporate governance and regulatory compliance.
  • To entrench a disciplined risk and cost management culture.To deliver highly personalized service to its customers.
  • To maintain the capital adequacy and liquidity ratios in line with the requirements of CBB.
  • To maximize shareholders return by prudent financial management.
  • To inculcate a spirit of fiduciary ownership, wherein the morale of the employees is always high, enabling the bank to meet its mission and objectives.