ALUBAF's largest single shareholder is Libyan Foreign Bank (99.50%).ALUBAF’s other ‎shareholders comprise of National Bank of Yemen (0.28%) and Yemen Bank for Reconstruction and Development (0.22%).

Profile of Major Shareholder

The Libyan foreign Bank (LFBANK) is the major shareholder holding 99.50% of the Share Capital of ALUBAF (LFBANK) was established in 1972 in Tripoli, Libya as the country’s first offshore banking institution licensed to operate internationally

The bank is 100% owned by the Central Bank of Libya. The LFBANK is rated among the top 10 banks in Africa and ranks fourth in North Africa.

LFBANK’s total assets were USD$ 16 Billion with 40 subsidiaries and associates across the world as at 31 December 2010. LFBANK is a major shareholder of ALUBAF since 1990.